Where to sleep in the Maremma Tuscany

A perfect vacation in the Maremma needs the perfect accommodation to match.

That might mean nights immersed in the country charm of an agriturismo, where your meals are home-cooked and your hosts are also farmers or winemakers. Or it might be surrounding yourself with the luxury of a hotel in the heart of a buzzing city.

Then again it could be a throughly romantic stay in a boutique bed and breakfast with gorgeous views of the Tuscan hills. Or, finally, a home away from home in a serviced holiday house or apartment.

Whatever your idea of the perfect accommodation, you’re sure to find it on this website. Just choose a category below and follow the links to a list of the Maremma’s best holiday accommodation.

That said, the majority of the Maremma’s accommodation is the peculiar named Agriturismo. Literally translated as agritourism – or agricultural tourism – they are basically working farms that also have facilities for guests. Agriturismi are a really attractive choice when staying in the Maremma because it’s a great way to live the country lifestyle and meet some of the locals. Depending on when and where you visit, you can walk through the olive groves and vineyards, play with the farm animals and even watch the farmers make wine, honey, olive oil and jams.

If you are particularly keen, you can contact the agriturismo well in advance and ask if you can help with the annual vendemmia – or grape and olive harvest – which happens in September and late October-November.

Throughout the rest of the year, agriturismi are great havens in the Tuscan countryside. Set in the verdant landscape, they almost always have amazing views and plenty of open space, which is great if you’re travelling with families and pets. Some have pools and playgrounds and barbecues. Like bed and breakfasts, they almost all offer homemade breakfasts in the room price, as well as dinner as an extra if you’re keen.

Agriturismi are also great points of reference for any activities you want to do. The Maremma is not exactly organised, so if you want to rent a bicycle, go horse riding, canoeing, do a cooking class, hire a guide or navigate public transport, your agriturismo’s reception is the best person to contact. They should usually be able to point you in the right direction. Of course, not all agriturismi are made equal, so it pays to really research before you book.

In the past, a lot of failing farms sort funding from the state to transform themselves into agriturismi. These agriturismi aren’t open for the love of providing hospitality and sharing the Maremma with foreigners, but rather to stay afloat or cash in on the agricultural land their ancestors left them. Unfortunately these agriturismi aren’t particularly beautiful and the services aren’t very good, so always shop around and don’t hesitate to drop them an email before you book asking what you can do on the agriturismo and what services they can organise. It pays not to base your decision on just what you see on Booking.com, but ask for exactly what you want before you arrive.

Some agriturismi and B&B also offer private apartments or mini villas if you want to self cater your vacation.

Here is a list of some of the Maremma’s hotels, agriturismi, B&Bs and holiday rentals reviewed and approved by us!