My events calendar is on the frizz. Not sure why, but it keeps crashing my website.

But as I didn’t want you to miss out on the gorgeous events we have planned for this season, I thought I would bring them to you via blog post.

So here they are:

The Fiera del Madonnino, in Braccagni
24-28 April

festa maremma tuscany

After 36 years, this is the biggest and best loved fete in Tuscany. It’s for shoppers rather than for tourists. So you won’t get a lot of kitschy displays of music and entertainment.

Instead you’ll be greeted with all the region’s best food and wine producers, artisans and artists selling their wares at great prices. There is no better place to stock up on souvenirs, wine and other gastronomic treats.

This year’s festival is combined with the fiera Giardini di Marzo, so you’ll also see some absolutely gorgeous flower displays.

Maremma Wine & Food Shire 2014, in Grosseto
16-19 May

maremma food and wine shire tuscany
The Maremma’s most celebrated food and wine festival. Funded by the regional government, it promises to be unforgettable.

There will be more than 100 stalls featuring local farmers and producers selling great products and wines.

There will be free wine tasting and product tasting. There will be food talks and cooking demonstrations. Foodie tours inside and outside of Grosseto.

You’ll be treated to free museum entry and special exhibitions. There will special menus and ‘pub crawl’ of the Maremma’s capital’s finest restaurants. Plus all the boutiques in town will be dressing their windows with special displays.

This event captures the culinary history, pride and traditions of the Maremma. It’s foodie fun for the whole family! For more check out,

Festa della Fragole, in Marsiliana

22-26 May
festa delle fragole marsiliana maremma tuscany

Not as big, but just as beloved, this annual celebration of strawberries is not to be missed.

Marsiliana was once the biggest producer of strawberries in Tuscany and while that’s dropped at bit in the past decade, this festival is still a chance to taste the luscious fruit at its best.

At the 40th edition (!), you can try strawberries in more traditional settings such as strawberry cakes and desserts, as well as experience a new taste sensation with strawberry risotto and pasta dishes.

There’ll be live music, theme park rides for the kids and all the fun and frivolity you expect from a county fate.

La Notte dei Pirati, Porto Ercole
25-27 May

pirati alla riscossa

Get your parrots and eye patches ready for the best and only pirate festival in the Maremma. I visited this last year and I had an absolute blast.

It is definitely one for families and if you can get your hands on some pirate costumes for the little ones, they will have double the fun.

The locals occupy themselves with the treasure hunt, but there is plenty for tourists to see and do. There’s the pirate parade where they different teams parade down Porto Ercole’s main street dressed to the nines in floats.

Then there’s the live music and different props and decorations that have been set up to make the port town look like a pirate’s cove. But the best bit is the arrival of the pirates at around 11pm on the Saturday. They rent a pirate ship especially for the occasion and arrive in a confusion of music, fireworks and smoke for a sight that the kids will love.

One note, bring a meal or book ahead or you won’t find anywhere to eat!

La Festa di San Giorgio, in Montorgiali
26-27 May

festa di san giorgio montorgiali

A super cute traditional festival tied to the legend of St George and the dragon.

Every year, the town recreates the story of the ferocious dragon terrorizing the town in full medieval costume. They then hold a horse race to determine who will be St George and save the town from the monster.

It’s great fun, great colour and a great example of a truly typical Maremman festival.

Top Secret Maremma, in Manciano, Saturnia and Montemerano
25 April-3 May

top secret maremma

Top Secret Maremma is back giving tourists a sneak peek into monuments and buildings that are never otherwise opened to the public.

In this edition, tourists are treated to free morning and afternoon guided tours to some of the area’s most beautiful natural sites.

You can chase legends and myths in Montemerano, explore ancient Roman ruins in Poggio Murella, find the most spectacular photo spots in Manciano and discover the Etruscans in Saturnia.

For more about the free, guided walking tours, check out this link.

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