The Tuscan Maremma has an incredible wealth of ancient ruins. Its roots can be traced all the way back to the Bronze Age and even earlier. The museum in Manciano is the only museum in Italy to have something from prehistory all the way to Ancient Rome, ruins that were all discovered within its borders. In the post-WWII years, a lot of the Maremma’s relics were stolen or sold to shady collectors. I often hear stories from locals about urns, statues and funerary monuments that once stood in forgotten small towns until one day, they just disappeared. That doesn’t mean the Maremma is lacking in ruins. She still has some incredible relics that are just waiting to be discovered. From open-air museums to stunning pieces you simply happen upon in the forests, many parts of the Maremma are beautiful reminders of the Etruscans and Ancient Romans who shaped them.