gavorrano-teatro-delle-rocceTeatro delle Rocce

the start of July until the end of August

Every summer, the city of Gavorrano puts on a series of twilight concerts in its spectacular Teatro delle Rocce.

These concerts are held at the town’s Teatro delle Rocce, which literally means ‘Rock Theatre’.

Modeled after the amphitheatres of Ancient Rome, the theatre can seat 2,000 people. It’s been carved from the same huge slabs of rocks that were once mined in Gavorrano and its surroundings.

The concerts range from dance to opera, poetry to straight up theatre. There are events for children and adults, and even if you don’t understand Italian, the atmosphere is unforgettable.

For more information and a copy of this year’s concerts, visit the tourist information centre in Gavorrano or check out the official festival website.

Tickets range from free to €20 per show, and you can buy them from the theatre on the night.