talamone non solo mareNon Solo Mare

Second weekend in June

A preview to a summer of sea, sport, nature and gastronomy, this festival celebrates the vibrancy of Talamone with kite surfing, swimming and wind surfing, as well as sailing lessons, demonstrations and competitions.

But as the festival’s name suggests, it’s not all about water sports and outdoor activities.

There are also helicopter rides and sightseeing tours that take in the best of this gorgeous seaside city.

If you’d much prefer to get around on your own two feet, the festival has plenty to see and do, including a number of themed markets catering to everything from boats and boating accessories to artisan stalls.

Each night, the festival is opened with a different tapas tasting menu especially created for the event and beautifully prepared by the local restaurants. The meal is always paired with wines from local wineries.

After dinner, artisans offer the best homemade confectionery and sweet treats, before gypsy, jazz and traditional music fills the piazza.

The food at this festival is fantastic, the music bohemian and eclectic and the atmosphere buzzing with an energy that only comes from extreme sports.