Strade del Vino

The Maremma’s strade del vino are breathtaking wine trails that wind their way through the cities and landscapes that are, in their very essence, defined by the incredible wines and products they make.

These are not so much guided tours as itineraries that you follow on your own and at your own pace.

For the Maremmani, these trails represent so much.

First and foremost they promote the places that produce the best red and white wines in the territory, the vineyards that have been making Morellino di Scansano, Bianco di Pitigliano and Ansonica for centuries and are yet to have a bad year.

The trails are also road maps to the very cultural and colourful soul of country Maremma.

They are for those who want to meet the winemakers who have lived and breathed their vines for generations and who want to buy direct from the farmers who have been making olive oil and other local products to the same recipes for centuries.

As you follow the trails, you realise that you’re not just being directed to the farms and vineyards, but also to the best cellar doors and restaurants, the stores that sell beautiful artisan handicrafts and the breathtaking corners that scream out for a photograph.

You are experiencing the flavours of the Maremma in their entirety!

photo: Collin Key via Flickr.

There are three official strade del vino in the Maremma. You can get all the maps and information you need from your local tourist information centre.