seggiano-sagra-del-picioSagra del Picio

Second week in August

A charming festival that captures the best of Seggiano in the summertime and the gorgeous local variety of pici pasta. Pici is a thick and lusciously egg yolk-based pasta was actually created in Montalcino in very nearby Siena.

The Seggionese make their version a little bit different from the traditional recipe, but they still hand roll every strip with a loving dedication and precision that is centuries’ old.

The festival itself is more like a giant street party. August is a month of fun and frivolity in Seggiano and the locals really know how to party.

And while the subject of festival may change from week to week, the atmosphere is always the same – incredibly welcoming and infectiously enthusiastic.

There is no better time to be in Seggiano. This sagra is renowned for its gorgeous pasta and rich sauces, as well as its entertainment.

It really is not to be missed, whether you want to taste of some highly coveted local cooking, pick up one-of-a-kind handicrafts, dance the night away to traditional music and singing, or quite simply experience this beautiful town at its best and most alive.