seggiano-Chiesa-della-Compagnia-del-Corpus-Domini-Chiesa di San Bernandino

This church was built in Seggiano in the 15th century and completely restored in 1869, when the stone facade was added and the bell tower repaired.

Inside, you’ll find many of Seggiano’s most precious religious objects. There are sacred objects that once belonged to the Convent of Colombaio. There are the relics and robes of San Bernandino (above). There’s even a beautifully carved 18th century altar that matches the exposed timber beam roof.

And then there’s the art. Famous Italian painter Francesco Nasini features heavily in this church with his works ‘San Sebastiano curato dalle pie donne’ and ‘Nozze di Cana e Cena in Casa Levi’ (1669).

Nasini was a brilliant artist and a favourite in Seggiano, where bright colours and vividly expressive works were preferred.

Also keep an eye out for the two beautiful wooden statues of San Francesco di Paola and La Madonna Addolorata, both of which date back to the 18th century.