Chiesa di San Bartolomeo

The Chiesa di San Bartolemo was built in 1216 under the supervision of the Abbey of Saint Antimo.

Since then it has been rebuilt and remodeled several times and little remains of the original and primitive medieval church.The facade we see today was restored in 1938 by architect Aegisthus Bellini, who also modified the interior to become a Latin cross with six naves.¬†Although relatively young, the Chiesa di San Bartolomeo is far grander than any of Seggiano‘s other churches and is a beloved favourite of the local religious community.

Inside, the star of the show is without a doubt the green 17th century marble altar, adorned with a remarkable altarpiece depicting the Virgin and Child with Sainti Bartholomeo, Michele Archangelo and Giovanni Evangelista.

This incredible work of art was painted by Matteo Bulgarini – better known as the Master of Ovile or Ugolino Lorenzetti – in the second half the 14th century.