Museo Archeologico

Opened in 2001, Scansano‘s Museo Archeologico celebrates the history of man in the Fiora and Albegna Valleys, starting from prehistoric times and working its way to the Etruscans and the era of the Roman Empire.

The majority of the Etruscan votives, statues, ceramics and other objects on display in the first couple of rooms come from the nearby Ghiacco Forte settlement and are the result of more than 30 years of archaeological digs.

The museum then moves to the Bronze Age and the Roman Empire, where you can see pictures and reconstructions of the incredible Roman villa in Aia Nuova.

The actual villa cannot be visited because it’s on private property, but the museum does have an impressive life-like model of the building, complete with pictures of the different rooms and bedrooms, original Roman earthenware floors and wall murals, as well as photos of the ancient sauna.