Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena

Built on the ruins of an ancient Romanesque church, this simple facade hides an interior adorned with breathtaking artwork.

The church was first mentioned in papal documents in 1188, but it’s current appearance is little more than 70 years old. The entire facade was rebuilt following WWI, when the city was heavily bombed.

But inside, things have remained much the same since the Renaissance. Benvenuto di Giovanni created the precious panel of the Madonna with Child and Saints Sebastian and Mary Magdalene in the 15th century.

This panel (above) is Saturnia’s most famous work of art and is a true masterpiece with its gold filaments and angelic looking figures.

The church is also home to two beautifully carved 18th century processional crosses and a pair of angel candelabras that were created in the 17th century and, as far as I know, are the only ones of their kind anywhere in the Maremma.

The wooden tabernacle that dominates the left side of the room has paintings of Saints Clara and Elizabeth of Hungary. It was produced in a 17th century Sienese workshop and beyond beautiful.