Other Roman Ruins

Plenty of Saturnia‘s Roman ruins have stood the harshest tests of time. There are far too many to mention individually here, and not enough is known about most of them to warrant a lengthy description, but there are a few standouts I simply had to mention.

The first is the Castellum Acquarium in Saturnia itself. An ancient cistern, it is still more or less intact and sits a few feet from the town’s main piazza.

Another isn’t exactly Roman, it’s actually older. One of the largest remaining symbols of the Etruscans before the Roman Empire arrived to be exact. It’s called Bagno Santo and it’s an ancient holy site.

You can only visit this spot on tour and the remains of temples there are said to be the reason why the Etruscans decided to build their village in Saturnia.

Then there are the Necropoli del Puntone, di San Carlo e di Pian di Palma. These necropolises are all home to Etruscan and Roman ruins. Some of the tombs at these sites date back to between the 7th and 5th century B.C.

If you’re itching to investigate all the Roman ruins around Saturnia, the best thing to do is pop into the tourist information centre in Manciano and ask the girls who work there. They’ll be able to tell you where to go and what to see.