Antiche Colonne

The heart of the Roman Empire in Saturnia, these columns are in the main piazza, Piazza Vittorio Veneto, and are inscribed with Roman inscriptions and epigraphs.

Originally the columns were part of a larger structure, historians have no exact idea what that structure was, but it was most likely part of the sign that welcomed Romans to Saturnia.

I don’t think our veritable ignorance about these columns make them any less beautiful though. They’re a few feet from another piece of original Roman road, carefully protected behind a guardrail, and just give the entire piazza an extra bit of mystique and history.

There aren’t any other piazzas in the Maremma that can say they have Roman ruins next to their tall oaks and travertine fountains!

Personally, I love the pagan detailing around the top of the main column. It’s so wild and so very Roman, and so completely foreign to the modern piazza around it. The juxtaposition is strange enough that you’ll be mulling over it for hours.