Oratorio della Madonna della Nevesanta-fiora-madonna-delle-neve

Constructed in the 17th century, its facade is snow white, and probably where the church gets its name from – if you ask me. Although it’s also called the Chiesa della Piscina because it happens to be near the font that supplies Santa Fiora with its water, so who knows.

But names aside, the church sits on the bank of the Fiora River in the most picturesque environments I have ever seen. Even if you’re not religious, it’s hard to resist coming here just to sit and watch the water flow and the gorgeous wild flowers.Not to mention bask in the morning sunlight that bathes the entire garden in summer.

If it wasn’t a church, it’d be a great place for a picnic!

Inside, the church is just as quaint and charming. Its walls are decorated with a wonderful fresco of Santa Fiora e Lucilla that, while faded, still comes alive with vivid blues and reds and was painted by someone from the Della Robbia school sometime in the 16th century.

There’s also a cute little oval with different reliefs of locally beloved saints by Francesco Nasini (1640).