Pieve dei Santi Pietro e Paolo

This splendid Roman-Gothic church is so beautiful you can spend hours admiring it. Its harsh, grey stone facade is decorated with a large rose window.

Underneath this sits a stunning Gothic style portal adorned with an ornately carved arch and series of columns, all topped off a stained glass lunette depicting Saints Peter and Paul.

The Chiesa di Santi Pietro e Paolo has all of Roccalbegna‘s most beautiful works of religious art beginning at the entrance with a banner and font dating from the Renaissance movement of Viva Maria in 1799.

Next to them is the gold-flecked niche painting ‘the Madonna della Misericordia with Saints Sebastian and Fabian’ (15th century), a 14th-century polychrome wooden crucifix, a Pieta with the mourners of Alexander Casolani, and the ‘Madonna with Saints Christopher and James’ by Francesco Nasini.

If all of these works weren’t beautiful enough, the altar receives a little bit more embellishment with a gorgeous three panel work of the Madonna and Child, St. Peter and St. Paul, and parts of a dismembered altarpiece by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, which was made sometime in the 14th century.