The Maremma is the home of comfort food. It’s where lunch means a rich stew that has spent hours cooking over a low flame or where thickly hand-cut pasta is served with burgundy-coloured ragù and meat that melts in your mouth

After such a copious meal, the Maremmani prefer something light for dinner, but light doesn’t mean any less delicious. Instead they nibble on homemade salami and prosciutto, enjoy generous slices of pure white goats cheese or satisfy their stomachs and their soul with a big bowl of acquacotta laden with vegetables from the garden and free range poached egg.

For dessert, the heady flavours of lunch and dinner are set aside for simpler and delicately spiced delicacies. The Italians are not on the same par as the French when it comes to sweet treats. They prefer liqueur-laced biscuits to dip in their coffee and effortlessly light ciaffagone pancakes doused in icing sugar.

But regardless of the time of day, the Maremmani always maintain the fundamental culinary rule – keep it seasonal and fresh, and never let anything get in the way of the natural flavours of your produce.

In the spirit of the Maremmani tradition of sharing a meal with your loved ones, I’ve included my favourite local recipes. Please don’t hesitate to tell me what you think or even add your own suggestions!