punta-ala-beach-alleThe beaches of Punta Ala

Punta Ala‘s beaches are simply to die for. In fact, they are so unforgettable that they have their own Facebook group: the Punta Ala Beach Fans.

Never windy and so close to the pine forests that there’s always some shade to sit in, these beaches are a must for anyone visiting Punta Ala in summertime, although they are so beautiful that a long walk along one of these beach is appealing even in the middle of winter.

And with views like these, it’s no surprise the beaches have so many fans!

Punta Ala has two main beaches. The first is directly at the end of the Tourist Port. To reach it, walk all the way down the port boardwalk towards the Balbo Villa, which is to your left, if you’re facing the water.

The water here is calm, protected from the sea and the yachts by a manmade stone bridge. The cove is slightly small though and can get crowded in summer. You can also swim to the Sparviero Island from this beach, if you feel so inclined!

Via della Dogana

Punta Ala’s second beach is slightly more secluded and runs down Via della Dogana, between Hidalgo Tower and Cala Barber to the right of the port, if you’re facing the water.

You can reach this beach either on foot from the port or by car. The entire beach is more than 2km long, so it depends on where you want to swim.

Just keep an eye out for the seaside resorts. If you want to swim here, you have to pay, but the price does include an umbrella and deckchairs. The seaside resorts are great for families as the water is calm and the sand well maintained and clean, but they can get crowded in summer.

If you’re prefer not to pay, look for the signs indicating public beaches or spiaggia pubblica. They’re a little harder to find and not always the cleanest, but they do offer more privacy than the seaside resorts.

Photo: Alle via Flickr.