Grand Soleil Tirreno Trophy

End of June

It’s not exactly a cultural extravaganza, but the Grand Soleil Cup is a chance to watch fleets from all over the world race in the beautiful waters around Punta Ala. Keen sea men and lovers of all things boat-related, the locals really do come alive during this event. It’s a fantastic time for tourists to see just how tight-knit the community is and just how passionate they are about yachting.

Golf Tournaments:
Punta Ala is also famous for its grand golf course, loved by experts and beginners alike. The Punta Ala Golf Club host competitions and events almost all year round and if you’re lucky to be in town during one of them, it’s a great chance to see some semi-famous Italian and international golfers. There are even competitions for amateurs with some big prize money up for grabs.

For more info about the golf club: check out their website