Appiani Tower

Built at the same time as Punta Ala’s other forts, this tower is located on Sparviero Island and was completely reconstructed in 1561 following years of neglect.

Even after it was rebuilt, the tower remained, excuse my French, a pain in the butt for the town’s army. It was almost impossive to defend and made the perfect attacking point for Punta Ala’s enemies.

The major structural damage and loss of life that resulted from these violent pirate raids eventually got the better of the town’s military and they subsequently abandoned the tower, leaving it to suffer a slow and inexorable decline that finally reduced the original structure to ruins.

Today, only a few stone walls and arches remain standing. It is still worth admiring though, especially if you’ve made all that effort to get to the island and have a few spare moments between hawk-watching and swimming in the pristine waters.