Palazzo del Governatore

Built in the 16th century as a home for the Spanish governors of the Stato dei Presidi, this building is one of Porto Ercole‘s most splendid sights.

Even though it was damaged in WWII, the palazzo is still incredibly grand and manages to possess the same militaristic power and pride that you can imagine it had centuries ago.

The palazzo’s exterior is divided into two levels. The ground floor is decked out in dark marble, while the top floor has the clean white finish typical of late Renaissance fashion. The work is attributed to Italian architect and painter Baldassarre Peruzzi.

Under the arched porch is a staircase that leads to the top floor of the building. The pilasters that hold up the arches are carved in the most striking detail.

While you’re admiring the building, spare a moment to enjoy the peace of the palazzo and the very sweet well. I have a soft spot for wells because they have always reminded me of old fairytales, but this one is particularly becoming if only for its intricate stonework and simple facade.

The Palazzo del Governatore is not open to visitors, unfortunately, but you can admire it from the outside.