Notte dei Pirati


This highly anticipated festival is a favourite with kids of all ages. After all, how often do you get be a pirate running amok in search of treasure?

Like most Maremmani, the Porto Ercole’s locals don’t do things by half. Every year, they transform their town into a pirate’s cove especially for this event. Different groups of children and adults dress up to represent the various warring groups of pirates and everyone goes on a massive treasure hunt through the streets of Porto Ercole.

It’s hard for tourists to participate in the treasure hunt. Registrations close before the event is held and all the instructions are in Italian, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get involved in the fun.

The festival kicks off with a huge fish barbecue before the judges present awards to the best dressed pirates at the annual fashion show. Then it’s mayhem as everyone is free to explore the games, music and food stalls that are organised in the temporarily pirate-transformed port city.

There are pirate ships, cannon blasts, fireworks and staged sword fights. So much work goes into creating the illusion that’s its breathtaking to witness. Children especially adore all the costumes and props!

For more info and the exact dates of the festival, check out the official website.