Forte San Filippo

Built around the same time as Forte Stella and designed by the same architect, Giovanni Camerini, this fort represents the regal past of Porto Ercole. In the second half of the last century, the fort was sold and subdivided into luxury apartments.

Forte Filippo looks more like a castle than a tower and its quadrangular shape is protected by a double wall, one wide and short, the other tall and reinforced. Some of the original walkway along this inner wall has been preserved and you can still see the tiny niches around the bastions that were used to store weapons and attack the enemy.

On Forte Filippo’s ‘door’, it’s really a round arch,¬†is a large Stato dei Presidi coat of arms and some faded red detail work. The arch would have been sealed by a wooden drawbridge, but that,¬†unsurprisingly didn’t last the centuries.

This fort can be admired from the outside only.