The Maremma has been around in some form or another since the Bronze Age. That’s a lot of time to amass a lot of history and when it comes to museums, the Maremma doesn’t disappoint.

From the Etruscans to the Romans, the Aldobrandeschi to the Orsini to the Medici, the Maremma has been at the heart of Tuscany’s grand artistic and cultural past. Today its museums are overflowing with ancient ceramics, priceless religious paintings, carefully restored relics and even pieces by Picasso and other modern masters.

To be defined by so many rulers is to have been influenced by so many different tastes and styles, and the Maremma’s museums have something for everyone – whether you want to be wandering the streets of an ancient Etruscan city or admiring the vivid colours and careful brush strokes of the territory’s finest religious artists, Paride Pascucci, Francesco Nasini and Pietro Aldi.

When you enter a museum, an archaeological park or even a church in the Maremma you are immersing yourself in its history, in its heritage, in its artistic beauty. It’s enough to inspire even the harshest museum cynic, especially once they realise that most of these magnificent exhibitions are free, so you can admire the splendors of Italy without even spending a euro.

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