Monterotondo Marittimo is a picturesque medieval town whose roots can be traced back to 1128.

Like most Maremman towns, Monterotondo Marittimo takes care of its ancient past, working tirelessly to preserve the medieval walls that surround the town, as well as the Rocca degli Alberti fortress, which was built by the noble Alberti di Mangona family when they ruled in the Middle Ages.

On the surface, Monterotondo Marittimo has little that separates it from any other tranquil Maremman town. Hidden among chestnuts in the hinterland of Southern Tuscany’s mountainous hills, Monterotondo Marittimo is beautiful, more beautiful than most. Its desire to keep its rich history alive has protected it from modern influences and fostered a town that is strikingly quaint.

And like much of the Metalliferous Hills, the town is surrounded by acres of pine forests, carved by miles of hiking and biking tracks.

Everything seems run-of-the-mill until you take a closer look. The landscape around Monterotondo Marittimo is riddled with geysers that explode from the ground at anywhere between 100-160°c, see below.

Not only is this fantastic to watch, if you’re lucky to be around when the jets of smoke shoot up into the sky, but it’s also the root of the geothermal industry that has funded the foundations and growth of Monterotondo Marittimo since the 18th century, when boric acid was discovered and exploited to produce electricity.


Sagra del Maiale e della Pecora


Weeks of delicious dinners centred around local produce and capped off by traditional Maremman music and dancing.