poderi di montemeranoPoderi di Montemerano

On the outskirts of Montemerano lies a small cluster of towns, known in the 16th century as the ‘Poderi di Sotto’.

As time went on, this community blossomed into a proper town, which its 18th century residents called Castelletto Santarelli after the man who owned the land. Today it’s the Poderi di Montemerano and is made up of a handful of quaint and ancient houses and a very small church.

Of course, that in itself is no reason to visit this community.

The Poderi di Montemerano have very few tangible sights, but people can spent days exploring them. For me, it’s all about the atmosphere and character that seems to permeate every street and every building. This is country Maremma.

This is home to the noble and kind-faced locals who have been here for generations. This is the medieval countryside untouched and unspoilt. Poderi di Montemerano are charming in the full sense of the word and perfect for an afternoon walk when you can’t think of anything better than soaking up the gorgeous countryside and throwing yourself head first into the culture and enduring traditions that make the Maremma so enviable.