Museo di Arte e Storia delle Miniere

The history behind Massa Marittima’s mining industry is on display in this very small museum.

Admittedly, it isn’t the city’s most interesting museum. You really need to be interested in mining and minerals to enjoy it.

The best part of the museum is the room displaying the personal effects of Massa Marittima’s 19th and 20th century miners. There are lunch boxes, lamps, helmets, shoes, uniforms and plenty of other instruments on display. I quite enjoyed looking at the old letters, work booklets and contracts too.

The section dedicated to the tools used in 20th century mining is also pretty fascinating. Keep an eye out for the old-style telephone and signs taken from actual mines in the area.

The rest of the museum is given over to explaining the changes in Massa Marittima’s landscape over the centuries and the evolution of mining in the area. The maps on display in these rooms are interesting, but only if you have a degree in geology. The same goes for the minerals and rocks on display in the next room.

I know it sounds a little harsh, but this is an educational museum more suited for students studying geology than tourists. I’d say visit this one only if you really love mining or have just come from the Mining Museum and want to better understand the history behind it all. Definitely not one for the kids!