massa-pietro-all'ortoSan Pietro all’Orto

This church and convent in Massa Marittima is no longer a religious building. It’s actually the site of the Museo di Arte Sacra

The church was abandoned in the 12th century in favour of St Augustine’s Church, which was bigger and newer. Both churches are in Piazza Socci.

You don’t have to buy a ticket for the museum to admire St Olmo’s Church. It is often closed though.

The church is far more beautiful on the inside than on the outside and bears the remains of some striking 14th century Sienese frescoes.

Next to the church is a small arch that leads into the cloisters of St Augustine’s Church. This beautiful little courtyard often hosts art exhibitions.

The top level of the buildings is adorned with thin, tall Gothic windows, while the bottom floor is surrounded by a covered terrace, held up by thin columns.

In the middle of everything is a square of green grass, which I find is the perfect place to sit and admire the beautiful architecture around you. Not to mention escape the chaotic city for a bit.