Torre del Orologio

Attached to the Chiesa di San Leonardo, this clock tower was built by the Sienese in what can essentially be described as a muscle-flexing demonstration.

To clarify, Manciano was not particularly pleased to be part of Sienese rule in the 15th century and organised a number of skirmishes to show their dissent.

The clock tower wasn’t exactly as effective as a prison to shut the dissenters up, but it was something the Sienese did in all the Maremman cities they ruled.

They hoped that by building the necessary architecture they would not only show those pesky locals who was boss, but hopefully bribe them into accepting their rule.

But back to the tower. Surprisingly, it hasn’t changed much since the Sienese built it. Its stone block walls still rise far above the town’s skyline and and are only broken in several small places. At the top you can see the battlements that once housed the night watchman.

Today, the clock tower continues to chime every hour and when there’s a mass. And while no longer operated by the local bell boy, the chimes still play an important role in daily life- there’s nothing quite like waking up to the sound of ringing bells!