Fontana di Piazza Garibaldi

Designed by local architect Rosignoli, this stone fountain was built in 1913 and is a picture of the late Stile Liberty, known in the rest of the world as Art Nouveau.

The round basin is crowned by aggressive-looking stone dolphins and was commissioned to celebrate the completion of the Fiora Aqueduct, which finally brought running water to Manciano.

The last time I checked, the fountain was home to a family of sparkling goldfish. They live on the bottom basin and are often fed by eager children, who buy fish food especially for the occasion.

The top-most tier is carved with almost pagan designs reminiscent of the Roman Empire. Manciano was never part of the empire, but the Romans did colonize nearby Saturnia and Aldi was obviously inspired by their artistic style.

Once you’ve finished admiring the fountain, do wander over to the adjacent park.

It’s a lovely place to sit and watch the locals going about their business in the town centre. It’s also a great spot to take in the incredible views of the surrounding territory and, on a good day, the sea!

A statue also sits in the park among the local and foreign trees (keep an eye out for the very strange looking palms). Rosignoli also sculpted this statue of beloved Maremman painter and Manciano local Pietro Aldi (1852-1888) in 1911. Aldi’s house is down the road from the piazza and is marked by a plaque in his name.