One of the things I really wanted to do with my maremma tuscany, along with share design tips and advice for expats, was produce beautiful little travel guides on the places I love to visit in Italy.

When I say I live in Italy, everyone gushes. They imagine me spending my weekends in Venice, Positano or Rome and the rest of my days planning exotic trips to European destinations. In reality, I hardly ever get out of Manciano. Living in a country town makes travelling a pain in the butt. We’re surrounded in all directions by almost dirt roads. Just looking at them makes you carsick. It doesn’t help that Giulio, my husband, is a terrible driver.

So I’m keeping things local today and featuring a town that is very close to my heart and my home – Montemerano. Read more on


4 thoughts on “Insider’s guide to Montemerano

  1. Andrew Chesshire says:

    Buongiorno Elisa

    Just a note to say how much I like your blog. Lovely pictures, stories from the heart and a genuine love of the region. i have just arrived back in Italia from Australia after spending 3 months earlier this year based in Cellai, near Rignano sull’ Arno about 20 klm from Firenze. However now I am living in Roma and I’m part of a tourismo business and loving it ! But my heart is still in Tuscany and i hope to revisit the Maremma region again.

    Cheers and ciao ciao

    Andrew Chesshire

  2. Elisa Scarton Detti says:

    Thank you Andrew! After ten years, you can’t help but fall in love with the Maremma. It’s all I ever talk about. It drives my friends back home in Australia a little nuts!

  3. Connie says:

    I would love to live and teach English or do anything really in Tuscany, I speak and write fluently in English. I have dual citizenship. I live in Canada but would love a change and have an adventure.

    Are there any schools in Maremma. I have a CELTA. I do not however have a degree.

    Any advice would be so appreciated.

    Thank you.


  4. Elisa Scarton Detti says:

    Hi Connie. Teaching in Italy is always difficult because the state-run system works on a ranking system. You have to register with the state board and then they allocate you a position. It’s a long and arduous process and you have to speak Italian very well. That said! There are plenty of language schools in Florence that accept expats. Otherwise, if your heart is set on the Maremma, get in touch with a language school like Orbitlingua. They’re a private language school who might be able to help! All the best, Elisa

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