walls-grosseto--Nadia-FondelliLa Cinta Muraria

Grosseto‘s city walls stand out from other towns’  because of their irregular shape.

Built in the 12th century, but repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries, the walls have a hectagonal form as they embrace the city and have five bastions and a fortress.

The redesign was by architect Baldassarre Lanci, who reported to the Grand Duke Francesco I de’Medici. He added his own flourishes and opened a section of the wall to allow for a public promenade lined with trees for all the citizens of Grosseto.

While walls and their bastions are fascinating, it’s the Cassero Senese that is truly worth a visit.

A austere sandy-brown colour, the medieval watch tower complex has seen better days, but it still has a grand history that’s hidden in its maze of courtyards and gardens.

It’s also completely free and completely open to the public, so you can wander around the interior sections, climb the battlements and admire Grosseto below.

Photo: Nadia Fondelli via Flickr.