Dive Sights & Beaches

Giannutri Island is a nature reserve contained within the Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago Toscano.

Of course this doesn’t mean you can’t swim in its beaches or walk through its forests, you just have to be careful. During the peak summer season, the island authority restricts the number of visitors who can be on Giannutri at any one time.

The lucky visitors who do get on the island have all the gorgeous beaches to themselves. And they’re the kind of beaches that will leave you speechless – warm stretches of sand, calm and impossibly blue water, plenty of shade – what more can you say?

Underwater, Giannutri’s coastline is pretty impressive. There’s enough down there to keep even the most amateur scuba diver busy.

Boats are banned from the coral reefs that surrounded Giannutri. That wasn’t the case centuries ago, so if you go deep enough, you might stumble across the sunken ships Anna Bianca (40-50 metres down) and Nasim (60 metres down).

The reef is also home to an endless array of coral, seas fans and brilliantly coloured fish.

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