Despite being close to Vetulonia and Roselle (two ancient Etruscan cities), Gavorrano has little record of an Etruscan presence, which is a bit of a shame.

Still the town is in heart of a landscape rich in mineral deposits, so it’s likely the clever and industrious Etruscans did live here, even if there’s nothing to prove it.

Crowded on top of a small hill, Gavorrano has a tight-knit community that has blossomed in a landscape defined by forests of chestnuts, rolling green hills and vast plains.

According to local legend, Gavorrano is the last resting place of aristocratic beauty Pia dei Tolomei, who was murdered in a story so enthralling, it was recorded by Dante Alighieri in La Divina Commedia

Modern Gavorrano has gone from a small medieval farmer’s community to a extremely cultured city with an artistic flair that’s hard to miss.

Today its streets are lined with beautiful stone houses, shadowed by the odd olive tree and twisting vine, and resembling, more than anywhere else in the Maremma, the Tuscan towns you see in movies.


Salto della Contessa


This colourful medieval festival brings to life the words of Dante Alighieri and the story of star-crossed lovers Pia and Nello.

Teatro delle Rocce 

July to August

The Teatro delle Rocce Festival is a series of beautiful twilight concerts held in the evocative Rock Theatre in Gavorrano’s Parco Mineralistico.