follonica-1280px-FollonicaBibliotecaComunale-Francesco-BabboniPalazzo Granducale

Built in 1845, this palazzo was Grand Duke Leopoldo I’s home when he visited his beloved Follonica.

Like the Villa Sant’Anna and the Villa Benedetti, both built in the 20th century, the Palazzo Granducale is a stunning example of the Liberty style that was favoured by Follonica’s artists and architects.

All three of these buildings are embellished with beautiful wrought-iron decorations from the floral motifs on the exterior to the ornate balustrate inside Villa Benedetti.

They are also all worth admiring, especially if you have have perchance for the neoclassical style that seemed to define Italy in before WWI. Although Follonica’s interpretation of it is completely and utterly unique.

Photo: Francesco-Babboni