Housed in the Forno San Ferdinando in Follonica, this museum celebrates the proud millenary tradition that has been in the city since the time of the Etruscans.

Most of the exhibitions aim to clarify the complicated system of iron working and the net of economic, social and cultural contracts Follonica had with other geographical areas in exchange for its masterful technology and top-of-the-range finished products.

The museum itself is divided over three levels. The first floor is dedicated to Etruscan steelworks, which are incredible to behold simply because the Etruscans were so ahead of their time.

The second floor documents the work done by the foundries in Follonica over the centuries with bits and pieces that have been collected and restored, as well as in-depth descriptions and reconstructions.

The last floor has a beautiful collection of street furniture that tells the story of Follonica’s love for iron and its local uses.

And it’s not just the museum that draws tourists. The building the museum sits in is itself an important example of industrial archeology and was once a working factory.