Monumento ai Caduti

In 1925 an elegant marble statue was erected in Follonica‘s Piazza Vittorio Veneto in memory of the Follonichesi who died in the Great War.

The white marble monument was designed by sculptor Pietro Santini Giacomo Zilocchi, under astute supervision of engingeer Grosseto Porciatti.

Like most war memorials, it is proud yet humble, surrounded by columns of cast iron – the material that separates all of Follonica’s monuments and buildings from anything else you’d find in the Maremma.

It’s not that this monument is incredibly beautiful or unique, it’s just that you quite simply cannot walk past it without stopping to admire the exquisite artistry. For me, it has always had a refined and evocative air that’s hard to place.

It’s also located in the middle of Follonica’s only city garden. Abloom with local plants, flowers and the odd palm tree, it’s the perfect antithesis to the sky-scraping city around it.

All you need is a picnic and a beautiful summer afternoon!