La Pinacoteca Amedeo Modigliani

Follonica‘s Art Gallery was opened in 1995 after locals and the town council won a battle to display the city’s large collection of private and public owned art, donated to them by artists, citizens and collectors.

The gallery sits in a 1920s building that follows the late Liberty style and is so close to the promontory that it has some lovely views of the sea (but who wants to admire nature when there are incredible works of art waiting to be looked at?)

This gallery may not be in Rome, but it still has some serious artists.  The permanent collection contains more than 180 works by contemporary artists such as Pablo Picasso, Pietro Annigoni, Salvador Dalì, Guglielmo Micheli, Antonio Bueno and Walter Sabatelli.

It also has a large collection of works by notable Tuscan artists and a beautiful room dedicated to Pepi, one of Florence’s most famous and talented impressionists and verists.

And the collection keeps growing as local artists are expected to donate one artwork a year to the museum!