winery-maremma-tuscany-photo-collin-keyPhotography Tours

Capturing the beauty of the Maremma is no easy feat. Most of us venerable amateurs are¬†happy with the odd crooked snap as long as it’s clear, but if you have a passion for photography then you should consider booking a photography tour.

Tours range from four hours to a full day and take you to all the best spots to get that perfect shot. Like most of the tours available in the Maremma, this one is about experiencing the region in a different light and as a local instead of a tourist.

The best thing about a photography tour is that you get to scramble up and down the countryside taking pictures in the most random places. It’s a hell of a lot of fun and you come home with amazing pictures that you probably never would have taken otherwise.

The guides are photography buffs, so they can help you out with all the technical stuff, and you can just enjoy spending a couple of hours truly exploring the countryside and engaging with everything from a blade of grass to the breathtaking Pitigliano.

If you want to know about local photography tours, ask at your agriturismo or nearest tourist information centre.

photo: Collin Key via Flickr.