Guided City Tours

Every Maremman city can be admired on so many different levels.

Behind the obvious beauty are secrets and stories, local legends and, usually, a scandal or two. There are ancient monuments marked by fantastical tales and battlegrounds that have changed the course of history.

The Maremma has welcomed and suffered so many rulers, that, at times, it’ s hard to know who built what and why. It’s easy to walk past a Roman or Etruscan relic and admire it for its beauty without even realising its age.

Simply put, this is a region that comes alive when you know its history. That’s where a guide comes in.

Most of the guided tours in the Maremma are run by local experts who don’t just know what they’re talking about, but are also incredibly passionate about their history and traditions.

You can organise a guide for just one city in the Maremma or join a themed tour around the countryside, stopping at different cities and towns, and often Etruscan and Roman settlements. And you don’t have to be a history fanatic to join a guided city tour. There are food and wine tours, shopping tours and even tours that take you to all the local hot spots that other tourists never get to see.

Literally hundreds of free or cheap guided tours are organised by the tourism agencies in the Maremma throughout the year. It’s for this reason that I recommend checking with your accommodation and closest tourist centre first. Outdoor guided tours in nature parks are particularly popular in the summer months.

If you can’t find anything, here are two of the bigger tour companies to get your started: