fishing-phillipFishing Trips

The Maremma is a truly fisherman’s bounty. 

Not only does it have three mountain rivers, the Vivo, Lente and Albegna, but it also has the plentiful Bolsena and Mezzano Lakes, and the Argentario Sea.

If you’re a serious fisher, then you can get a fishing license for a day, fortnight or year in the area’s water and find the perfect spot on your own. Just make sure you get all the paperwork in early. Licenses are handed out at local post offices and can take a while. Find out all you need to know here, but you’ll need Google translate.

Otherwise why not join a fishing trip and have everything provided for you, plus a fantastic crash course on what you need to do the nab that catch of the day? You don’t have to worry about coming home empty handed, the guides on these trips mean serious business and they know exactly how to navigate the sometimes temperamental Maremman waters to get their fish.

All you have to do is pick your fishing ground – sea, lake or river – or hop on board a trip that specialises in one type of sea creature, like trout or eel, both of which are found in abundance in the Maremma. It’s hard to think of a more relaxing way to indulge in a favourite past time, while experiencing yet another side of the Tuscan countryside like a veritable local!

To book a fishing trip, ask at your agriturismo or pop into a tourist information centre. Otherwise have a look the Pescaturismo website. You’ll need Google translate, but it is the official and most comprehensive website for fishing tour operators in Tuscany. You can even filter your search by location and fish type.

Photo: Phillip via Flickr.