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I’m always looking to share the love for Southern Tuscany and in a wider sense, Italy beyond the big cities.

If you have any questions or want advice/tips about visiting and exploring Southern Tuscany, drop me a line at or fill in the form to the right!

If you’re looking for expat advice, head to my expats page or check out my Expats in Maremma Facebook group. Being a country expat is nothing like living in the big cities. We don’t have the same resources, connections or sense of community. Getting by on your own can be hard, so I’m always keen to share a tip or two for surviving Italy.

If you wish to advertise or share a guest post on My Maremma Tuscany or Maremma-Tuscany (my travel website), email me at the above address.

I love the idea of press tours and product, restaurant and accommodation reviews within the Maremma and Southern Tuscany, so don’t be shy! Invite me!

And finally, I’m a university-trained journalist with a marketing and communications degree and a (growing) passion for social media. I am a furious freelance writer and translator, and dabble in social media strategies and events planning. In other words, I’d love to collaborate!

You can see my portfolio here. See some of my most recent translations here. And see my travel guide to Maremma Tuscany, published in Italian and English by Effigi in August 2014, here.