cinigano maremma tuscanyTorre dell’Orologio

This red brick clock tower was built in the mid-19th century in a neo-Romanesque style. It sits in the place of a medieval building that originally stood in Cinigiano‘s Piazza Marconi and is kept company by an impressive cast iron well known as the Pozzo di Cinigiano.

The square tower reflects the brick masonry that was popular in Cinigiano during the 19th century. At its summit are blind arches and battlements, which evoke images of medieval castles and hide a walkway to the tower’s bell.

If looking at Cinigiano’s clock tower brings on a sense of deja vu don’t be alarmed. After all, the man who designed it was inspired by the famous Torre del Mangia in Siena and the clocktower loosely mimics some of this famous monument’s stylistic elements.

photo: Michix 2002 via Flickr.