vetuloniaIsidoro Falci Museum

Isidoro Falchi was a 19th century medic and archaeologist who used ruins found in the area of Vetulonia to prove that it was once an ancient Roman city.

After his death, Castiglione della Pescaia built a musuem dedicated to Falchi and his life’s work. Today the musuem is divided into seven rooms. One room details Falchi’s life story and houses some of the relics he discovered.

The rest are filled with a vast collection of tombs, urns, instruments, plates and some engraved stones and jewellery that date back to between the 8th and 4th century BC and were found in nearby archaeological sites.

The most precious of these have two rooms all to their own and are the tombs found in Poggio Pelliccia – a nearby mid-7th to mid-5th century BC Roman cemetery. The Roman terracotta, funeral votives, cabinets, bronze and silver helmets, and swords and coins also in the rooms come from a number of different sites.