Castell’Azzara has four walking/hiking tracks that wind through the mountain ranges and forests just outside the town’s borders.

The four tracks cross rivers and waterfalls, sparse scrub-land and thick forests. You’ll also find the odd spring or two – a great place to rest tired feet!

But the territory’s biggest drawcards are the sinkholes – shallow holes and ominous caves hidden in the lush forest that surrounds the town.

The most famous cave is known simply as “La Grotta del Sassocolato“. If you’re not afraid of the more than 2,000 bats, you can explore this beautiful national treasure and its massive and exquisite limestone stalagmites and stalactites.

Guided tours are run in English by the Gruppo Speleologico L’Orso (10 Apr-10 Nov or upon request; +39 0564 951032).

You can also visit Castell’Azzara other bat-filled caves- if you’re into that kind of thing! All are clearly marked and easy to access as long as you keep to the trails.

For more info: check out the official sentieri website or drop into the tourist information centre in Castell’Azzara