Capalbio Cinema Short Film Festival


Started in 1994, this event has reached international status.

Film schools across the world encourage their students to enter and the festival’s judges are flooded with hundreds of works to choose from every year.

The event is the Cannes of the Maremma, drawing the big names to this quiet town (past guests have included Lina Wertmuller, Carlo Lizzani and John Malkovich) to watch short films made by undiscovered artists and directors.

The festival is seen as an important opportunity for emerging artists to gain appreciation and recognition, not mention win some much needed prize money.

Over the festival, the films are divided into different sections. There’s usually an animation for kids, and the festival always dedicates part of the celebrations to a well-known and usually dead short film maker.

It’s a great event to be a part of, even if you don’t like short films. The atmosphere is incredible and, you never know, you might just spot a celebrity or two.

Tickets for each screening are €7 for adults, €4.50 for students, children are free.

The exact dates of the festival change each year, so for more info visit the official Capalbio Cinema website