Campagnatico‘s neighbour, Montorsaio, is beautiful all in its own right and a great place for an afternoon stroll.

Among the green forest, perched on a small hill often surrounded by thick morning fog, Montorsaio was nothing more than a fortified castle in the Middle Ages, ruled by local lords, the Visconti, or the Sienese Salimbeni, who controlled the valley and the nearby village of Batignano.

In the past, the village was considered a strategic location because it was so close to the silver mines, and it was soon equipped with a circuit of defensive walls and formwork.

Here, mushrooms, chestnuts, abundant game and panoramic points are enough to draw anyone in for a visit.

Among the narrow alleys, the houses are well cared for, clothes hanging on wire to dry and keys in the locks of almost every front door, giving you the feeling that Montorsaio is really just one big family.

The town is famous for its Nativity Scene, displayed in the medieval square of the Cisterna during the Christmas holidays.

Since 1985, the sculptor Marco di Don Zeno has exhibited his handcrafted terracotta statues here, which faithfully represent the citizens of the village immersed in the green of the Tuscan Maremma.