This weekend is the annual Festa dell’Uva in Scansano. A much beloved celebration, it marks the beginning of the vendemmia or annual wine harvest.

The Scansanese are very serious about their wine harvest. They’re home to the Maremma’s only DOCG (origin guaranteed and certified) wine, the Morellino di Scansano. It’s a powerful red with some serious kick – a lot like the Maremmani themselves. It’s something the locals in Scansano have been making for generations and consider to be the very embodiment of their heart, soul and town. Seriously, if you visit, Morellino is all the want to talk about. They have an entire museum dedicated to it. It’s lovely!

To celebrate the Festa dell’Uva, the vendemmia and my general love of all things wine, I designed this dish. It’s beef medallions in a red wine sauce with grapes. Grapes and beef sounds strange, I know, but it really works especially if you add a handful of raisins for sweetness.



The beef is quickly flash fried so it’s still pink and then a sauce with red wine and shallots is made from the pan juices. It’s super easy and perfect for an autumn lunch gathering.

You can grab the recipe on My Maremma Tuscany. It’s my blog, where I share heaps of great recipes, travel tips and other bits and pieces on living in country Tuscany.

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