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Hi Elisa! Thank you for making this blog, the information is amazing. Am planning a trip in August, and I am trying to figure out how to get from Rome to Saturnia’s Hot Springs. According to Google, there isn’t any public transport from Saturnia’s main area to the hot springs… do you have a link to the yellow buses’ schedule? The previous link on your post is broken. Thank you so much! 17. July 2015

Hi! Glad you love the blog. Of course you catch public transport from Rome to Saturnia. You will need to get the train from Rome to either Montalto di Castro or Albinia station, then catch a bus to Manciano. Our new bus company is called Tiemme Spa and you can plan your journey on their website. Once you’re in Manciano, regular urban buses drive straight past the hot springs on their route to Saturnia, the town. These are also run by Tiemme and the bus schedule is displayed at the bus stop in Manciano. It’s in front of a bar called Archlecchino! The only issue is that you can’t do all of this in one day. Our public transport system is a bit slow, so you might have to consider staying overnight in Manciano. All the best x

Hello, we are 007 Travelers from Finland and we are going to visit Talamone 26th of July 2015. We are hunting James Bond filming locations around the world. Are there any possibilities to get into Villa Le Torre, which was Rene Mathis’s villa in Quantum of Solace (2008)? Br, Mika 17. July 2015

Hi Mika. Unfortunately it’s a private villa, which I think they rent out at a very expensive price. You can read about it here… maybe if you email them and ask?

Hi Elisa. I am so happy to come across your blog! My husband and I will be visiting Tuscany in October. Maremma is now definitely on our “must see” list. We have two days to fill between Sienna and our departure flight out of Florence. We will be relying on public transportation. What city would you recommend seeing? Want to get off the beaten path, but afraid we will be limited by our lack of transportation options. 17. July 2015

Hi! Thanks for the message. You can easily catch a train to Albinia station and explore the Maremma from there. There are regular bus services to most of the main towns. Considering that you’re visiting in autumn, I’d stick to the most beautiful towns. Pitigliano, Saturnia, Sovana, Sorano and Montemerano. It’s up to you how many you can squeeze into two days. I’d make somewhere like Manciano my base for the two nights. It’s close to all these sights and have the best public transport network. You can plan your bus trip on the Tiemme Spa website. Saturnia’s hot springs are a must! Otherwise Massa Marittima is also beautiful, but it’s much further north – close to Florence, but far from Saturnia and the other towns I mentioned. I hope you have a lovely trip! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Amazing blog. I am in Venice ATM and have taken on board your advice. We are leaving today to drive from Venice to Naples over a few days. we have two spare days from Sienna to Gaeta. If you could make any recommendations of where to stay or visit for those two nights it would be much appreciated. Any amazing sites to stop off along the drive too! Thanks for your help in advance. This is my first time in Europe and am loving all that it has to offer 🙂 26. June 2015

Thanks! It’s a bit of detour, but you cannot drive through the Maremma without stopping at the Saturnia hot springs and Pitigliano – two destinations that deserve a day. Montemerano is one of Italy’s newly crowned ‘most beautiful villages’ and is in the area too. While if you love the seaside, stay a night at Castiglione della Pescaia and visit Italy’s most beautiful beach for 2015 – Le Rocchette – I just came from there and was blown away. Castiglione is beautiful at night and makes a fantastic stopover. It has some great restaurant as well. One of which has two Michelin stars! Otherwise you can keep it local and dedicate a day to the Argentario Coast, Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole, which all have beautiful beaches and are closer to Saturnia.

Hi Elisa, this is fantastic. Thank you for your support! one more question – do you recommend any vineyard somewhere on Maremma or close to it? we can hire bikes and have a car as well so no problem if distance is bigger. I dream about a real vineyard where I can taste the wine and maybe buy some local bottles 🙂 Best, 4. June 2015

You’re welcome! Of course we have vineyards! Hundreds of them. The closest ones to you are the world famous La Parrina ( where you can try and buy some amazing local wines and the organic vineyard La Selva ( Drop them an email and you should be able to organise tours with either. Otherwise have a look on the Strada del Vino website for a list of all the Maremma’s best vineyards!

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