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I am interested in cooking classes and can’t seem to find information or reviews in English. Can you be of any assistance? Thank you 29. March 2016

Hi, I have a page on cooking classes, which I’m not sure if you saw. Here’s the link. Unfortunately they don’t do them all year, every year with regularity, so you will need to contact them and find out. One of the easiest ways to do a cooking class in the Maremma is through your agriturismo. It’s best to contact a few that you’re thinking of booking with and asking if they run – or know of someone who runs – cooking classes and can organise it for you. They are quite common and popular in the Grosseto area and the Fiora Valley. Hope that helps.

what is the town of Vetulonia like? 24. March 2016

Hi Vetulonia is in itself not a beautiful town. It is quiet and picturesque in the countryside of Castiglione della Pescaia. It has a small collection of outdoor archaeological attractions – but they are not as spectacular as those in Vulci or Roselle. That said, Vetulonia has the best Etruscan museum in the Maremma, so if you are interested in Etruscan and early Roman history, it’s worth a day trip from Castiglione della Pescaia.

are there any mosquitoes in September, please? 24. March 2016

Hi, um not really. It depends where you though and the weather. We usually don’t have an issue with mosquitoes any time of year, but I do recommend being extra cautious around Castiglione della Pescaia and Orbetello. Since they have really large lagoons/marshes, they attract mosquitoes.

Oops! I’m assuming (and hoping) one can still find roasted castagnas! We will just miss all the festivals. And what about mushroom hunting? Grazie, Ruth 19. October 2015

Hi Ruth,

Arcidosso’s very famous Castagna in Festa finishes on 25 October 2015, so if you miss that, don’t worry. There are still plenty of roasted chestnuts about. If you’re staying in an apartment, you can buy and roast your own. Chestnuts are available now in all the local supermarkets. While if you’re at a B&B or hotel, reception should be able to tell you which local restaurants will be serving roast chestnuts or chestnut dishes! As for mushroom hunting, it’s all hush hush, but I hear there are porcini in the forests. It depends on where you are of course. Any deep patch of forest is good ground for mushroom hunting. Avoid private property and nature parks of course. It grows around chestnuts and oaks. For a good guide, check out my blog post about porcini mushrooms:

Hello Elise, I’ve been reading your site since we decided to include the Maremma National Park and surrounding areas as part of our visit to Maremma the !st of November. I’m thinking it must possible to purchase your guide book in Italy as I fear I’ve waited to long to buy and will not receive in time. We leave for Milan on 24th of October flying from NYC. Thank you, Ruth 16. October 2015

Hi Ruth,

So glad you’re visiting the Maremma. While you can pick up a copy of the guidebook locally, I’m not 100% sure where. Postage is normally 10 days to the United States, but if you’re worried about not getting it in time, you can get a copy of a ebook on this site, which includes the 3 main digital formats: PDF, ePub (for iPad and other tablets) and mobi for Kindle! Have a lovely holiday, Elisa

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