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Oooops… Hi there 🙂 My name is Sara, and I was very inspired by your story! Because I am planning to move to Toscany for 1 year, starting in january 2017. My question is, how do I find a stable to keep my 2 sweet horses near Firenze? When I check online, only riding holidays come up, and since I dont speak Italian (yet), then I feel stuck. Can you help me? Ps. I have to visit the region your living in! It sounds amazing! All the best. Sara from Sara Roland 21. July 2016

Hi Sara, wow, you’re the first tourist to write to me who wants to come to Tuscany with her horses. What you need to research is the term “scuderia per pensione firenze”. I found this website, which might be a good start:

Thank you very much for answering my question about getting to Arcidosso! 23. June 2016

You’re welcome 🙂

Hi, My husband and I will be traveling to a music festival in Arcidosso this summer, visiting Italy for the first time. We will be arriving at Fiumicino Airport mid morning on a weekday, then staying in Arcidosso for five days and then spending the last few days in Rome. I think we’ll want a car to explore the countryside from our base in Arcidosso. It sounds exhausting to make the overnight trip from the USA to Rome and then rent a car and drive to Arcidosso, though we are booked in Arcidosso for our first night. I’m considering taking the Rome-Pisa train to Grosseto, and renting a car there for the drive to Arcidosso. We would then return the car in Grosseto and take the train to Rome. (I know that we definitely do not want/need a car while in Rome.) We depart Arcidosso for Rome on a Sunday. Does renting in Grosseto rather than Rome make sense? Do you happen to know if we can easily get a taxi at the Grosseto train station to a car rental agency? Will car rental agencies in Grosseto actually be open on a Sunday, for drop-off? (It appears so when I plug my dates into, but I want to double check!) Do you happen to know what normal business hours of Grosseto car rental agencies are? (We arrive in Rome at about 11 am, and I’d like to be sure we can make it to a Grosseto rental agency before closing.) Thank you very much reading so many questions, and for answering any of them! from Kathryn 3. June 2016

Hi, catching a train from Rome to Grosseto is the easy part. The difficult part is finding a car rental place that will be open on Sunday. I’ve just checked Hertz in Grosseto and it’s closed on Sundays. The best idea is to check if they are open before you decide. Grosseto is a small town, so walking from the station to the car rental place would be a cinch. Have you considered renting the car at the airport instead? That would be your best option as Rome’s airport is not inside the city and the traffic is actually not that bad. You should easily be able to navigate getting from the airport to Arcidosso without having to pass through Grosseto and it would take you tops 2 hours. Training it and then renting a car in Grosseto would be a lot more time consuming. Hope that helps, Elisa

Hello and thank you for taking the time to assist travelers to the Tuscan region. We would like to take a bus from Manciano to the Saturnia hot springs as well as to Saline to visit the beach. Is there a good link to a bus timetable and do the buses run every day of the week? Thank you. 3. May 2016

Hi and you’re welcome! Buses run almost every day, although during the weekend and especially on Sunday, there are less of them. The best way to plan your journey is to use the Tiemme bus website. They have a section where you can enter your destinations and calculate the times. It’s in Italian, but you can muddle your way through it. Here is the link:

Hi, I would like to visit Maremma this summer for a holiday. We would like beaches, plus nice walks etc. Is 15. April 2016

Hi, check out my guide to the Maremma’s best beaches.

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